Room 119 Mrs. Holmes

The Daily 5

During our daily 100 minute literacy block, I will be using The Daily 5 to structure our learning.  It's a structure that will help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers independently so that I can work with small groups.

The five components of the Daily 5 are:

  • Read to Self
  • Read to Someone
  • Listen to Reading
  • Work on Writing
  • Word Study 

Your child will work on each of these areas for varying amounts of time during the week.

Here is a great website for parents who are interested in helping their child with reading.

The Reading CAFE

CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary. The reading strategies that we will be focusing on are divided into these groupings. Your child will be taught a variety of strategies to use to improve their abilities in each of these areas.

  • Comprehension-"I understand what I read"
  • Accuracy-"I can read the words"
  • Fluency-"I can read smoothly with few errors"
  • Expanded Vocabulary-"I know, find and use interesting words"

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