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 Classroom Supplies wish list:

If you're looking for useful items to donate to the classroom, here are some of the consumables and important items we use the most and are thankful to receive:

tissues and paper towels (all through the year)

wipes (to keep desktops clean)

hand sanitizer (great on whiteboards, too)

plastic spoons (you wouldn't believe how often they're forgotten in lunches)

donations of extra crayons and markers and scissors are always appreciated

zip-lock bags (all sizes)

whiteboard markers

plain paper or newsprint for drawing (we go through tons)

balls to play with outside (tennis, rubber balls, large plastic, soccer and basketball)


 Shared school supplies are always somewhat limited and take lots of wear and tear. It is extremely helpful but not mandatory to provide your child with their own supplies. Labelling helps if you want your child to keep their supplies separate. Please note, Grade 1 students DO NOT need binders of any kind. They will be sent home. In general, notebooks are also unnecessary unless your child would like a personal notebook to draw or write in.

Essential student supplies for grade 1:

a roomy backpack with strong zippers (they take a LOT of wear and tear)

reusable food containers for lunch and snacks

reusable water bottle (please label)

indoor shoes (running shoes please!)

Optional supplies:

pencil case

wood pencils (Dollar store and fancy designs just don't stand up to the demands of school)

a good pencil sharpener

crayons (a pack of 8, 16 or 24 is easiest to keep track of and handle for little hands)

coloured markers

whiteboard markers

black fine or medium point markers for art and writing

glue sticks (2 large)




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