Room 119 Mrs. Holmes

Here's how to help your child be ready for grade 1:
  • Get a bedtime routine established well before school starts. A good nights' sleep is one of the best boosts you can give your child and will help ensure they will have a happy, productive day. Make sure your child has some time away from screens (including TV) before bedtime. Reading is a great wind down activity!!!
  • If you are purchasing laced shoes, please take the time to teach your child how to tie them. It gives them a sense of independence and ensures they don't have to wait for help to get outside for recess or participate in gym. Teachers only have one pair of hands! Here's an excellent video to help. PS Velcro closures are easier and just as good.
  • On a similar note, make sure your child can button/unbutton, zip up/unzip all their own clothing and put on and get off their own shoes and boots. Again this builds independence. It can be embarrassing for a child to ask for assistance getting out of a piece of clothing to use the washroom. It's also best if they can handle their own lunch and snack gear. Hard-to-open containers often just go unopened if they are shy about asking for help.
  • As funny as this might sound, make sure your child recognizes their belongings (school supplies, lunch bag, water bottle, jackets, mitts, shoes etc). Labeling really helps.
  • Practice printing first and last name.
  • Make sure they know personal information: birthday, address, parent's current phone or cell number.
  • Make sure your child knows how they will be getting to school and going home. As nice as it is for parents to be there for their first day, it's recommended that they take the bus the first day if that's the plan for the rest of the year.
  • If you have any special instructions for the day, make sure you make your child aware of it if at all possible. It's quite unsettling for a young student to have their routine changed suddenly. Each student receives an agenda the first week of school with a pocket for notes. That's the best spot for a note (but tell your child the note is there so they can alert me).

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