Room 119 Mrs. Holmes

The school board operates on a 5 day schedule (Day 1 is the first day of school, Day 5 will be the following Monday). When a holiday or PA day occurs, the next instructional day will be one "day" after the last instructional day. This makes it much easier for students to receive their fair share of gym and library time. SCDSB 2016-17 School Year Calendar  Our class has gym on Day 2 and Day 5 but we will be outside every day, regardless of weather, so please send your child to school ready for the outdoors. Our book exchange day has yet to be scheduled. Stay tuned!

Our classroom calendar for: September (coming soon!)

Balanced day schedule

9:00 School starts

100 minute instructional

10:40 Nutrition Break

11:00 Outdoor Recess




 11:20  100 minutes of instructional time

1:00 Second Nutrition break

1:20: 20 minute outdoor recess

1:40: 100 minute instructional block

3:20 Dismissal

 Your child will have two nutrition breaks outside of instructional time lasting 20 minutes each. Please pack your child's lunch bag so that they have nutritional food for both eating times. It's a personal choice whether conventional "lunch" foods are consumed in the morning break or the afternoon break. Some students might find the wait till after 1 pm too long to go without something substantial, like a sandwich, others may not be hungry enough for a "lunch" before 11 am. If students are hungry between these breaks, they are always allowed to get a quick snack from their lunch bags as long as it does not interfere with their work or the learning of others.

 Please send your child to school with a pair of indoor shoes suitable for the gym.

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