Room 119 Mrs. Holmes

Is printing important?  YES! Here are some reasons why we still teach printing in a digital age.
  • it's good for the brain
  • it improves fine motor skills
  • when you write something, you remember it better
  • it's a stepping stone to cursive writing which we often try later in the year
  • if you don't have a computer, tablet or phone at hand you can still communicate!

Writing is so important. We do it everyday in most subject areas. One of my most important jobs is to introduce my students to written language in its many varied forms and teach them how to use it creatively and effectively to communicate. Teachers have to take their students enthusiasm and creative ideas from the oral to a written form that is coherent, engaging, and purposeful. I use Lucy Calkins' Units of Study for Primary Writing as the basis for my teaching.

Before writing comes oral language. Encourage oral language by:

ask your child to speak in complete sentences

ask them to retell a familiar story or a recount a recent event using sequencing words (first, next, then, finally)

introduce them to and discuss new and interesting words

Writing ideas:

email family members

help write out grocery lists

make birthday and holiday cards

send notes back and forth to family members


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