Room 119 Mrs. Holmes

Ways to keep math skills sharp.

Have you tried Happy Numbers? Login info is in agenda.

Did I mention math is one of my favourite subjects? It's so much FUN!!! Here's some things parents can do to help make math more fun all year long.

Play board and card games (try Connect 4)


Online Jigsaw puzzles against the clock

Animal Jigsaw puzzles (choose your difficulty level)

Practice doubling a number

Practice 10 More and 10 Less than a number

Use watches and clocks, calendars and schedules around the house (Practice telling time)

Handle and count money

Look for patterns everywhere

Sort and classify things around the house

Look for 2- and 3-D shapes around the house 

Estimate numbers of objects in a collection and then count them-Count Fish or Count Sheep

Practice counting by 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's 

Compare and contrast

Practice addition and subtraction facts to 20

Practice multiplication facts

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